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Robert Farnham

Robert Farnham has been shooting since his teens in Northern Ontario. His love of film has seen him experiment with all formats and many different processes, but he always comes back to shoot his preferred 120.

Nancy Forde

Nancy Forde is a Canadian documentary photographer, Irish mother and visual seanachaí (storyteller). Professionally, she is a member of both Women Photograph and foto|RE and a contributor to Plan Arctic. Her work explores themes of isolation, belonging, erasure, memory and the sinew between humans and their environment.  Of special focus are reproductive and mental health...More Please

Karl Griffiths-Fulton

Karl has been an integral part of Foto:RE since joining in 2013. With an Art school education Karl went on to study in Edinburgh, and served as a photographer with BBC London. He covering the Troubles in his native Ireland and went on to photograph in conflict zones throughout the world. Now a university professor...More Please

Joe Martz

Joe Martz’s photographic work frequently centres around architecture and urban areas. Often using strong lines, shadows, reflections, symmetry, and patterns, he attempts to give the viewer a different perspective on places and things that are often overlooked and not always seen.