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Reclaiming the Medium

Photo by Ruth Dick

Reclaiming the Medium

foto:RE is about the reclamation of photography from its own ubiquity.

The members of foto:RE all share a passion for the ART that is photography. It is not simply a matter of point-and-shoot. There is a strong esthetic sense that shows up consistently in their work.

By joining forces with other photographers of merit, it is the intent of the group to individually raise the bar for their own work, and to share the results with viewers who will discern the quality in their efforts. foto-RE wants to rehabilitate the state of photography from digital noise BACK to fine art.

~ April 6, 2011 ~

Actually, the genesis of foto:RE predates that cheery manifesto by about a year. Fresh off the success of my first solo show, I was suffering a serious bout of impostor’s syndrome. Not only had I been shooting for a very short period of time, but all of my experience with photography was limited to the digital realm. I had a very receptive audience, but felt I was undeserving of it. foto:RE was founded as a selfish act. I needed mentorship, and I had to seek it out.

In its current form, foto:RE consists of a revolving group of 10-15 members. We have banded together to offer each other assistance and critique, and have extended this to the community at large with semi-regular critique sessions, mentorship and workshops engaging in all subjects related to photography. And we’ve started our own magazine!

Mark Walton – Waterloo, Ontario Canada, 2019