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Mark Walton

Photographer, Publisher, Writer, Editor and Curator
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Photographer Mark Walton is the founder of the foto:RE collective and editor of foto:RE|VIEW magazine. He was a director and curator of FLASH: CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY HERE, an award winning festival of photography held in Waterloo Region 2015-2017. He is the curator of The Stanley Rosenthall Collection of photography has also written for foto:RE|VIEW and PhotoED Magazine.

His latest project, The COVERT Collective, is a gathering of curators from across the country showcasing the work of fine artists of many disciplines. He is also working with North Dakota Wet Plate Collodionist Shane Balkowitsch in an effort to gift part of his Northern Plains North Americans – A Modern Wet Plate Perspective project to select Canadian collecting galleries.



Mark is the founder and Artistic Director of foto:RE, a collective consisting of up to 15 photographers from around Canada. The collective was founded to assist photographers in Waterloo Region to enhance their skills through networking with other photographers from the region and beyond. Foto:RE eveolved and began offering talks, workshops, mentorships and weekly crit sessions. foto:RE|VIEW is a magazine edited by Mark and received funding from the Waterloo Region Arts Fund in 2019.

Flash | Contemporary Photography HERE

Mark is a founding director and curator of FLASH | Contemporary Photography HERE, and annual photography festival that was held in Kitchener Waterloo in 2015-16-17. The award winning festival featured headliners Barbara Davidson (double Pulitzer winning photographer at the LA Times and former Kitchenr Waterloo Record photographer), Camille Seaman (world renowned climate photographer and NAT GEO photographer) and Larry Towell (MAGNUM Collective member). Three other featured photographers per year were selected by Mark, as well as an open-call juried exhibition of work.

Stanley Rosenthall Collection

Mark is the curator of the Stanley Rosenthall Collection of photography. Rosenthall was a Montreal born photographer who lived in New York City from 1957 – 1970 as a freelance photographer for such publications as Forbes, Fortune, Look, Car and Driver, Road and Track and numerous commercial clients. The collection contains some 50,000+ images along with Rosenthall’s darkroom.