As a photojournalist I was given challenging assignments, such as: photographing two racing cars with drivers at the top of a hill, not moving and no engines running, and to show that they are going 150 miles per hour; going 2000 feet underground to photograph a driller in a uranium mine; even climbing a three storey smoke stack to photograph strip mining; and hanging out of a helicopter to photograph an airport of small private airplanes.


Looking through the view finder of a single lens reflex I came into a different frame of mind. I was, and still am, excited that this phenomenon still takes place.


My industrial work appeared in Fortune magazine and a variety of corporate Annual Reports.


My automotive work appeared in Car and Driver, Automobile Quarterly, Road & Track magazines, and automobile magazines in Japan and Germany.


Being a photojournalist meant looking over a story, discussing it with the editor and making suggestions as to the best way to do the assignment. My work has been referred to as being both sensitive and creative. Yes, photography was work, but it was my creative passion.


Stan Rosenthall

Toronto, May 2006


Stan Rosenthall 1931 - 2015

Stan was a founding member of Foto:RE